About Me

Hello There!

Welcome to my personal page. My name is Lyubomir Mihaylov Grzodanov. I am from Bulgaria and living in Sofia.

I am a motivated to grow and develop myself.
The Backend is my passion.

I am eager for a new knowledge and open for interesting opportunities.


Golang Apache Thrift / gRPC Kubernetes Microservices
Apache / Nginx MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL Jquery
AJAX Doctrine ORM / ODM
Event Sourcing CQRS DDD TDD
Unit Tests Functional Tests

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Mysupply is a platform which companies (the customers) can use for their procurement of general and special goods (e.g. office chairs or airplane parts).
    In the first step of the procurement process a customer can create a request for proposal
    for his product demand and the system will find matching suppliers by product or industry classification. The matching suppliers can submit a proposal.
    In the second step the customer can approve, or decline submitted proposals.
    In the third step the customer can start a negotiation with the approved suppliers.
    In the end the customer can select the best fitting supplier for his demand.

  • Developing my own project. This is briefly my idea:
    The mission of SportAW.com is to facilitate and help everyone who wants to increase their physical activity, to find the right coach for themselves; to connect coaches, instructors and nutritionists with their clients and enable them training together online without time and place reservations; to give an opportunity for coaches, instructors, and nutritionists earning money and increasing their clients.
    In the SportAW.com Platform, coaches, instructors and nutritionists are freelancers and they determine the price of their subscription plans.
    Each coach/nutritionists has his / her own profile to present their clients a short demo, for example, workout, a calendar with schedule and subscription plan (or more than one), through which his / her clients subscribe to his / her training programs.

  • PHP Developer

    Securax EOOD - Jun 2017 — Sep 2017
  • We develop and maintain one-of-a-kind multifunctional website building platform that will enable small and medium size businesses from around the globe to excel in their online marketing activities.
    We bring simplicity, clarity and flexibility to a sophisticated technological industry setting up new standards for online business communications.

  • Education

  • Masters Degree of economics

    University of World and National Economy - Sep 2015 — Jul 2016
  • Bachelors Degree of economics

    University of World and National Economy - Sep 2011 — Jul 2015

Certificates & Awards